4 Minivan Features Ideal For Performing Car Pool Karaoke


The sensation of car pool karaoke has grown recently, mostly in part to the sketch that is often featured on CBS's "Late Late Show." The gist of the karaoke involves gathering friends together in a car and singing random songs that you all love. You can choose hits from a favorite artist, specific decades, or a special theme like the holidays. If you love to sing along in a car, then there are minivan features to look for. Each of these features can really enhance your personal carpool karaoke sessions and create some memorable moments for you and your friends.

Third & Fourth Row Seating

Fill the car with as many singers as possible by looking for a minivan with expanded seating options. Depending on the layout of the van, you can find a vehicle with third and fourth row seating. This allows you to bring a whole group of friends in the vehicle for some singing sessions. Not only can the extra people help you create fun group sessions, but singers can pair off for special duets or even solo performances. The seats included inside the van may be individual seats or long seats where friends can squeeze in together. When not being used for karaoke, the seats can often fold down and provide extra storage for groceries, bags, or other items that you are transporting.

Audio Connections

Have as many music options as possible by purchasing a minivan with extra audio connections. Along with a CD player and auxiliary port, some minivans come with docking stations made for phones with MP3 players built into them. This allows you to choose custom playlists and hear the exact songs that you want. Along with the audio connections, some minivans may come with built-in streaming music services. FM and AM radio are standard, but expanded options could include satellite radio or services like Pandora and Spotify. Having access to this additional music allows you to choose from thousands of songs at any given time.

Sky Roof

Increase visibility and natural light inside of a minivan with a sky roof. A minivan with a sky roof can help illuminate the back of the vehicle and provide great visuals for recording carpool karaoke videos. Whether you mount a camera to the vehicle or have a passenger record, the sky roof can help eliminate extra shadows and make your videos come out much clearer. During the day, the sky roof can be opened to provide direct sunlight inside of the van. Opening up the sky roof can also help reduce the loudness in the van. Instead of singing voices bouncing off the windows and panels, the sounds can escape the sky roof and reduce the impact on your ears.

Conversation Mirror

While singing in a minivan, it's also important to consider driving safety. Instead of turning around or peaking over your shoulder, you can keep a clear view of everyone in the vehicle by purchasing a minivan with a conversation mirror. This is a special mirror that flips down between the driver and passenger seats. The mirror is angled and curved to give you clear visuals of everything in the van. With just a quick glance, you can see your friends singing and having a good time while performing some carpool karaoke. If you have children in the vehicle, the mirror is great for monitoring their activities at anytime as well as when they participate in the karaoke sessions. When you're not singing, the mirror can easily fold up and stay closed within the ceiling compartment of the vehicle.

Contact a local car dealership to help you find minivans with one or more of these features. This will help you decide on the perfect ride for your karaoke sessions along with your daily needs.


1 June 2016

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