Neighborhood Trick Or Treating: UTV Trailers & Transporting Children


Trick or Treating in your local neighborhood is a great tradition and wonderful time for children. If you live in a large neighborhood area, then there are numerous houses and locations to visit in a single night. One of the easiest ways to reach as many houses as possible is by taking children around on a UTV trailer. These trailers are made to attach to the back of an ATV or UTV and can be used to carry and pull children around. As you plan out your Halloween experience, there are multiple trailer features and set ups to consider. By using this guide, you can create the ultimate Halloween transportation trailer and ensure that safety protocols are followed.

Trailer Lighting

One of the key parts of Halloween safety is to have proper lighting and illumination so other vehicles and people can easily see you. When using a UTV trailer for trick or treating, you want to ensure that it is properly lit. The basic lights on a trailer that you purchase should include brake lights and reflectors. You can add more lights to the trailer by wrapping LED lights around the edges of the trailer so that all of the sides are easy to see and the trailer is fully lit as it travels on the road. You may also consider adding some underglow lights to the bottom of the trailer for a little extra illumination.

Safety Bars

As children ride in the back of a trailer, it's a good idea to have an adult sit in the back and monitor them. Along with the adult, extra safety can be added through the form of safety bars. Many UTV trailers are sold with safety bars that come up on all sides of the trailer. This can help prevent a person from falling off the trailer and gives everyone something stable to hold on to while the trailer is in motion. The safety bars are often manufactured with a solid steel, but they can be covered in a protective rubber that adds more protection and makes it a lot easier to grip while riding in the trailer.

Weight Limits & Stability

While planning the trailer rides, you want to consider how many children and adults will be riding in the back of the trailer. When purchasing an UTV trailer, looks at the maximum weight limit to see how many people you can actually fit in the back. The stability of the trailer is also important for providing a comfortable ride. For example, a trailer with four wheels will offer more stability and balance as children are constantly climbing up and off the trailer. A trailer with four wheels can typically carry more weight as well.

Access Ramp

When children are dressed in costumes, it can be a little bit more challenging to get on and off the trailer than usual. To make things easier and help prevent falls, you should purchase an UTV trailer that comes with an access ramp. These ramps can fold down and make it easy to walk on and off. In some cases, the access ramp may be attached as the rear tailgate. When the tailgate folds down, it will automatically create a ramp that children can easily walk down. Another option is to bring a small set of portable stairs on the trailer. As the trailer makes each stop, the stairs can be placed just on the edge of the trailer and provide stable steps for a child to climb off of. While trick or treating, the trailer should make stops for specific groups of homes instead of each individual house. This will help decrease the amount of times that the child needs to get on or off the trailer.

A UTV dealer can provide you with a wide range of UTV trailers to look at. Finding the ideal option will make Halloween a whole new experience for you and your children.


23 August 2016

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