Winter Tips For Your New Commercial Diesel Truck


If you have recently expanded your landscaping business to offer certain services in the winter, like snow removal, then you may decide to purchase your first commercial diesel vehicle. If you have never used a diesel truck before, then you should speak to a commercial truck dealer to find the best vehicle for your needs. You should also make sure that you do not have any winter fuel issues. They are common and may be unexpected if you are a novice with diesel trucks. Keep reading to learn about some tips to keep your truck running in the winter weather.

Buy Warmer Components

Diesel engines are often difficult to start in the winter. The diesel fuel requires a higher level of heat to burn properly, and this means that cold engine parts may not be able to create the heat that is needed to start the vehicle right away. The result is a cold start condition that can be difficult to remedy if outdoor temperatures are extremely cold. To help prevent this problem, many commercial diesel vehicles are equipped with heating components that keep the engine warm once your truck is turned off. The most common heating device is a block heater that sits in the cylinder block. This heater is a corded device that must be plugged into an external outlet, so make sure to plug in the device if the temperatures are supposed to plummet. 

Your diesel truck may be equipped with a block heater, so ask your truck dealer about this. If one is not included, then ask the dealer for a winter truck package that has the heater included. Some heaters may run off generators or separate batteries installed within the engine block. Ask for this option if you think you may not have access to an external power source. 

Battery warmers are also a good choice for commercial trucks used in the winter. Both heating blankets and plate warmers are an option, so ask for one of these accessories or buy one yourself. Oil dipstick warmers are available as well to keep oil thin and flowing freely. Diesel oil is thicker than traditional motor oil, and it will thicken even more in the cold winter weather.

Keep in mind that heater accessories are much safer than products like engine starting fluids, so it is best to invest in the installations at the time you purchase your new truck. 

Purchase A New Filter And An Additive

Diesel fuel is much more likely to thicken into a gel than gasoline. Diesel contains paraffin that solidifies when the temperatures reaches close to or below 17.5 degrees Fahrenheit. This wax causes the fuel to solidify or gel so it cannot move through the engine properly. One of the easiest spots for the diesel to gel is in or near the fuel filter. If the filter is dirty, then the diesel is more likely to gel than if it is clean. It is wise to change the filter as soon as you purchase the truck or before winter starts to keep gelling issues at bay. Fuel filters typically sit in the engine compartment. They are cylindrical and twist off much like an oil filter. Most fuel filters are standard, so look in the truck manual to see which one your truck needs.

You also should use a liquid additive and add it to your fuel tank when the temperatures start to drop. Diesel additives help to lower the freezing point of the diesel so it does not thicken as quickly when temperatures become cold. Additives also help to mix water into the fuel so it does not collect in the fuel tank or on the fuel filter. This stops ice chunks from forming along the fuel system. 

If you choose to use a diesel additive, purchase a large bottle of the fluid. Look at the container to see how much of the additive is needed, and pour the correct amount in the fuel tank when you fill up the tank. Add more of the fluid on the next fill up and continue to do so until the temperatures start to rise. 


11 January 2017

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