Benefits Of Keeping Your Test Drive Vehicle Overnight


A test drive serves as a valuable way to assess whether a particular vehicle is right for you, but it can sometimes be a challenge to thoroughly evaluate the car in just a 30-minute window. While you should always feel free to book subsequent test drives to help you make up your mind, you may also wish to request something else — keeping the vehicle overnight. Many car dealerships, especially those that sell luxury vehicles, allow prospective customers to keep test drive vehicles overnight, and while there's some paperwork that needs to be filled out, you'll find that having the vehicle for a longer duration allows you to thoroughly evaluate a wide range of factors. Here are some benefits of this scenario.

More Driving Time

One of the biggest perks of keeping your test drive vehicle overnight is that you'll get to spend more time behind the wheel. A standard test drive can pass quickly, but having the vehicle for longer gives you more time to get a feel for how the car handles, how you feel in it, and how your visibility seems. You'll also get to drive the vehicle without a salesperson accompanying you; while a salesperson's presence is valuable for learning more about the car, you may sometimes find that you can concentrate better when you're driving alone.

Nighttime Experience

Unless you've booked a standard test drive in the evening, you won't know how it feels to drive the vehicle in the dark unless you arrange an overnight test drive. Driving the vehicle at night is advantageous, especially in terms of assessing your visibility. For example, if the windows are tinted, you may find that the tint makes it difficult to see out the windows when you're driving in the city. In this scenario, you may want to get the same model of car but with no window tint.

Parking Practice

Keeping the vehicle overnight gives you a chance to park it at home and see how that feels. For example, if you typically park in the garage, you can check the ease with which you put the vehicle in this space. Similarly, if you park on the street, you can assess how close you can get to the curb without the vehicle sticking out. This process may show you that you're fine with the vehicle's size — or, if you're used to compact cars but are looking at a larger car, you might realize that you'd rather stick to the compact size.


13 April 2017

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