Ready For Some Off-Road Adventures? Why You Should Choose Side-By-Side Over An ATV


If you enjoy getting out for weekend off-road adventures, you need to invest in a UTV, or side-by-side vehicle. You may think that if you have ATVs in your collection of outdoor toys, you've got enough. However, that's simply not the case. UTVs, or side-by-side vehicles, go beyond the basic off-road all-terrain vehicles. Here are just four of the reasons why you need at least one side-by-side vehicle from a company like Bennche in your off-road collection.

They're Built to be Safe

When it comes to off-road fun, you need to be careful with your ATVs. That's because they're not always the safest option for outdoor fun. One problem with ATVs is that they tend to tip over easily, which can lead to catastrophic injuries. One of the benefits of the side-by-side vehicles is that they're built to be safe. Their center of gravity is lower than your standard ATVs, which makes them less likely to tip over. Not only that, but they're designed with a built-in roll cage.

They're Sized for Family Fun

If you have an ordinary ATV, you know that they're designed to hold a maximum of two people—if you put someone on the seat in back of you. Unfortunately, that doesn't provide for much family fun. However, when you choose a side-by-side vehicle, you'll increase your riding space to four occupants, which makes family fun much more accessible.

They Provide Power and Comfort

If you've ever ridden an ATV, you know that they don't always provide the most comfortable ride. Unfortunately, ATVs trade comfort for power, which means you'll get a powerful ride, but the comfort level will suffer. One of the great things about side-by-side vehicles is that they'll provide you with both comfort and power. The built-in bucket seats provide stability and comfort for your back, neck, and hips. Not only that, but the suspension system is designed to reduce the shaking and jostling you can receive in typical ATVs.

They're Not Restricted to One Terrain

When it comes to riding traditional ATVs, you're often limited to the type of terrain that you can travel over. Unfortunately, that reduces your ability to really get out there and enjoy your off-road experience. One of the benefits of choosing a side-by-side vehicle is that they're not restricted to just one type of terrain. You can take your side-by-side vehicle through mud, water, and sand. In fact, it will also feel right at home on the mountain trails you might want to explore.


1 July 2019

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