4 Common Types of RV Repairs


If you're a new RV owner, you may be wondering what to expect as far as maintenance and repairs. The best way to maintain your RV is to follow the manufacturer's recommendations for servicing and home maintenance. But RVs also tend to have certain types of problems that can require RV repairs.

Here are some of the common types of RV repair that you may come up against in the future.

1. Roof repairs and maintenance

An RV doesn't have the structural support for a large, heavy roof such as the asphalt roofs you see on houses. So an RV typically makes do with a lightweight roof that requires frequent maintenance to avoid problems.

If you can't afford the time or money for regular maintenance or aren't aware of all the maintenance that RV roofs need, exposure to the elements will wear the roof down and you can end up in the shop with roof leaks. This is one reason why many RV owners build an exterior roof or shelter for their RV, so the roof won't be exposed to as much wear and tear.

2. Engine repairs

Like any vehicle with an engine, your RV may occasionally need engine repairs. Some repairs may be needed because of malfunctions or damage, while others may be needed after time or wear causes engine parts to fail.

Other types of engine problems can be caused by a lack of maintenance. For example, you'll need to change the oil, transmission fluid, spark plugs, and filters in your RV at regular intervals to avoid stressing your engine and potentially causing breakdowns.

3. Brake repairs

The good news is that if you plan to use your RV mostly stationary, the brakes won't wear down as quickly. However, keep in mind that a large vehicle such as an RV puts a lot of force on the braking mechanisms, so you may still need to take your RV to a mechanic and replace parts such as brake pads relatively often. 

4. Appliance repairs

RV water heater, furnace, and AC units are all specialized appliances designed to work well in the confined spaces of an RV. However, these appliances can often be overworked, and if you don't have them carefully maintained, you may end up calling for repairs for one or more of these specialized RV appliances.

These are some of the repairs that can be common with RVs. You'll need to budget enough for maintenance each year to avoid malfunctions as much as possible, and schedule service visits according to the intervals recommended by the manufacturer for best results.


4 August 2021

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