3 Fun Ideas For Your Custom Conversion Van


If you are working on creating an inspiring and usable camper van and will hire someone to make the van for you, it is time to have some fun! Here are some fun potential ideas for your custom-made camper van.  

Retractable Ceiling Bed 

With a camper van, you have limited space for living, and you also need space for sleeping. If you don't want to give up living space, consider adding a stowable bed that retracts into the ceiling. That way, during the day, you have all the space you need to chill, cook, and work in the back of your van, and when it is time to sleep, you can bring down the bed and enjoy a full-sized bed with all the space you need to sleep comfortably.  

With a retractable ceiling bed, you don't have to sacrifice living space for sleeping space to get the most out of your camper van. Plus, having your bed come down from the ceiling is just a lot of fun!  

Solar Panels 

If you want to enjoy real off-the-grid living with your camper van and not be stuck staying in RV parks all the time, you will want to install solar panels on your van. You can add the solar panels right on the top of your van, making good use of all that space on the top of your van.  

With solar power, you will want to install some batteries so you can have access to power in the evening as well. Solar panels don't need sunny skies to work; they can work just as well in cloudy conditions. Having the power you need without having to hook up to an electricals outlet will give you a lot more freedom with your van.  

Change the Cab Seats 

The cab in a camper van is often overlooked. Don't forget to utilize the full potential of this space. Add front seats where you can spin them around. When your van is parked, you can turn that space into a living area, where you can sit comfortably. Your cab area can be a functional and valuable part of your overall van experience with the right modifications.  

Adding a cut-through near the cab is also a great way to make a small space feel bigger and allow more natural light into your living space. Just be sure you can seal things up when you want a little privacy!  

Have fun designing your camper van builder. Create a style of van that allows you to have the living and sleeping space you need without feeling cramped. There are numerous ways you can design your van; the key is to find a design that works well for you!  


28 March 2022

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