Neighborhood Trick Or Treating: UTV Trailers & Transporting Children


Trick or Treating in your local neighborhood is a great tradition and wonderful time for children. If you live in a large neighborhood area, then there are numerous houses and locations to visit in a single night. One of the easiest ways to reach as many houses as possible is by taking children around on a UTV trailer. These trailers are made to attach to the back of an ATV or UTV and can be used to carry and pull children around.

23 August 2016

Drivers With Lower Back Pain: What To Look For In A Car


Experts estimate that up to 80 percent of American adults have lower back pain. What's more, this problem is the second most common reason that people go to the doctor. Driving can easily exacerbate lower back pain, so it's important to choose a make and model of car that can help you manage the condition while you are behind the wheel. If you are one of the many Americans who suffer with this problem, learn more about four features you should look for in your next test drive.

6 June 2016

Considering Joining A Car-Sharing Program? What Should You Consider?


With more and more Americans flocking to urban areas and leaving the rural life behind, programs that help urban commuters minimize their reliance on a personal vehicle are booming in popularity. Both ride-sharing programs (where a driver picks up or drops off passengers for a fee) and car-sharing programs (where owners allow others to rent and drive their personal vehicle for short errands) have begun to gain footholds in many U.S. cities. However, the relative newness of these types of programs can present some complications when it comes to your auto insurance policy (or even your auto loan).

2 June 2016

4 Minivan Features Ideal For Performing Car Pool Karaoke


The sensation of car pool karaoke has grown recently, mostly in part to the sketch that is often featured on CBS's "Late Late Show." The gist of the karaoke involves gathering friends together in a car and singing random songs that you all love. You can choose hits from a favorite artist, specific decades, or a special theme like the holidays. If you love to sing along in a car, then there are minivan features to look for.

1 June 2016